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How clean stone panels
In recent years the design of a new, increasingly popular sandstone panels applied bathrooms and kitchens. Sandstone unique texture, the appearance of nu-buck, versatility and style is beautiful in it. However, the sandstone need care to keep it in the newly installed state.

Many people believe that it is impossible sandstone rock is damaged, but this is not the case. Stone has many potential weaknesses, as it more easy seepage pore structure, which will lead to its super absorbent color, odor, it is easy to stay in the chemical stains on the stone. However, regular care and the appropriate cleaning will avoid these problems. The best way is, in uncertain circumstances, do not use any cleaning agents or cleaning process. Some of the wrong cleaning method will cause irreparable damage. Before the first check in the use of the product, the best first place in the inconspicuous test to see if what problems may occur What will be the impact. If installed in the cutting or have left a small piece of stone, we can use it for testing.

Once the panel has been sealed finished, then we should follow the manufacturer's recommendations, using simple, regular cleaning to care. Panels can be sealed to protect the surface, and the seal should be installed later. A seal usually can last several years, but should, in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations for care.

Day-to-day care and the best way is to care, immediately removed and splashed on, do not let them left in the above. Daily cleaning to be used pH balanced cleansing agent and moderate, colorless and tasteless cleaning agent. Mild detergent is also suitable for sandstone surface clean. Avoid acidic cleaning agents, even those citrus additives, as they will corrosion, stripping polishing sealing surface.

Wash thoroughly after cleaning to remove residual cleaning agents. Not left stains.

Clean soft hair can be used before the toothbrush removed debris, but to remember thoroughly washed and dried.

If there is a stubborn stains and not scratch or clean, try to moderate cleaning, washing, dried, so many times.

The best method is to deep clean neutral cleaning agents tried to wash. Deep cleaning can be used, such as washing liquid and drug products. Remove pieces, use soft brush. When first using abrasive in inconspicuous places test to see if there are adverse effects.

If neutral cleaning ineffective, it is necessary to carry out "heavy" or "depth" cleaner. Reading a statement first test reuse.

Once again stressed that the clean rinse thoroughly after leaving residual cleaning agents to avoid.

You find a suitable cleaning agent, worked out regularly clean program, then you will maintain the Taiwan panel lasting beauty.

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