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Natural stone quality standards and testing methods
  Appearance Quality

Natural natural granite and marble architectural sheet metal plate in the actual construction of the decorative effect of the problems is easy color, the color difference in saying Stone was known as the standard color pattern is to reconcile, is the appearance of a quality index. Quality also includes exterior appearance of defects that lack Prism, missing Kok, crack, stain, the color line, Hang Waterloo, marble plates are warping, depression, stigma, and other exterior defects.
The natural granite and marble exterior architectural sheet standard quality indicators, the same sheet of basic color pattern should reconcile and outstanding materials does not allow any appearance of defects.

Defect detection methods, will be seized on the ground-sheet, 1.5 meters away from the plate visible defects as flawed; 1.5 m away from the plate not obvious, but in the foreseeable 1 m no obvious deficiencies as deficiencies; Sheet 1 m away from the invisible defects deemed Defects. Because of the color difference Natural Stone widespread problem, so users in selected after Stone varieties to select the best agreement plate, high-volume orders, but also so. Agreement to the plate to some, it is necessary to fully show the variety of color patterns. Agreement plate at the same time so that the parties concerned should have a piece of all, to unify the standards, to avoid unnecessary disputes occurred.

Mirror gloss sheen of the mirror plate is a very important indicator. Luster refers to decorative plate surface reflection of the degree of visible light. In Stone standards, gloss called mirror gloss. The existing natural granite sheet standards require that the mirror plate should have a positive gloss mirror, the clear reflection of scenery. Mirror Mirror gloss sheet of value should not be less than 75 gloss units, or by both supply and demand model for the implementation of the agreement. Standards for gloss minimum value is a basic value, most of the gloss granite sheet value in the 80 - to 90 shiny flat, it has a good mirror sheen. Therefore, users can according to their different requirements specified in the purchase contract should reach gloss value, or by agreement Plate gloss values as a standard. The newly revised national standards of natural granite sheet, the minimum value has been gloss luster from the 75 units has been raised to 80 gloss units.

Existing standards of natural marble plate on gloss values were grading, and the same level of the minimum gloss values are the main ingredients for chemical differ. Excellence in goods value of the minimum gloss on different chemical PCA divided into three categories, namely 90,80,60 gloss units. Determination of the standard value is fully into account the chemical composition of the polishing process, combined with a large number of test established. The marble on the market today sheet mainly imported marble, but is basically in the form of the MAO Guang board to enter the market again under different requirements cut into various engineering plate. According to the test results in recent years, these marble sheet gloss mirror basically able to achieve standards requirements.

Processing quality

Stone processing directly affects the quality of the decorative stone finishes effect, Stone is the main basis for classification system. These technical specifications indicators were deviations size (length bias, deviation width, thickness deviation), the flatness tolerance, the point of tolerance. Under these technical indicators and the deviation tolerance limit will be divided into Excellence sheet goods, first-class materials, qualified goods. Users may, under their own situation, in the purchase contract provisions to achieve the grade and avoid the use of "reach the state standards" and other products bearing the general may require suppliers to produce each batch of products products inspection reports. Pay attention to each product, if the goods are not allowed to Excellence is more than 5% of first-class goods exist, if it is first-class goods is not allowed to have more than 10% of eligible goods exist, if it is not allowed to have qualified for more than 10% of the substandard goods there.

Physical properties of the physical properties of Stone Stone is the most important indicators of the safety performance indicators, in particular its exterior is stone, especially dry hanging Stone senior directly affect personal and property safety. Indicators of physical properties often mean bulk density, water absorption, drying compression strength, flexural strength four, four tests in general can only professional quality inspection centers. Granite, marble sheet Stone standards and strict standards have specific targets, it is natural stone material itself reflects the important indicators. Each user should require suppliers to provide sheet metal physical properties of the inspection reports or send samples to detect and avoid some weathered material and intensity hang low stone wall, leaving potential safety problems.

National mandatory standards GB6566-2001 "building materials radionuclide limits" Since July 1, 2002 from the start of the radioactive materials will be divided into the standard A, B, C three categories detailed in the table below:
Radioactive category (category)
IRa irradiation index
Ir external irradiation index
Use of
+ 1.0
+ 1.3
The scope of its marketing and unrestricted use
+ 1.3
+ 1.9
May not be used for housing, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, and so I kind of civil buildings interior surface, can be used for the civil construction of Class I and some other construction decorative internal and external finishes
+ 2.8
May be used only in buildings, decorative and other purposes outdoors

− 2.8
May be used only steles, seawalls, piers and other human touches very little to the local

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