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Xiamen ChongLian will attend the 2009 Xiamen Stone Fair. Our company has been attending the biggest stone fair in Asia since 2002.This year,
our booth number is B032.
Welcome to visit our booth between March, 6th-9th, 2009.
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prefabricated granite Countertops, Tile and Slab
 prefabricated Granite is the second hardest natural stone ranking only behind the diamond. It is primarily composed of 4 minerals (quartz, feldspar, mica, and hornblende) but does vary in composition depending on its geographical location. The properties of these combined minerals allow prefabricated  granite to outperform man-made stone, ceramics, stainless steel, and many other manufactured or synthetic products.
Granite is extremely hard, yet possesses bending strength making it easy to work with for many applications. It is abrasion resistant (perfect for the traffic that countertops see), has an extremely high temperature tolerance level and is resistant to many chemical acids (making it difficult to stain).
So since granite sounds like a great choice, the question is ... what to think about when considering a granite countertop or granite flooring. You should consider the following parameters:
*What kind of installation will this be ... a floor or countertop and in what room(s)?
*What is my budget? Stick to your budget!!
*What kind of traffic will the surface be exposed to?
*Granite Color
*Granite Finish
Usually, after you have created these base parameters and then researched both price and characteristics of the various countertops as dictated by their stone compositions, your options will become very clear and if you are lucky, the right choice will be shining brightly during the shopping process as well as many years after the installation.
Here are some key tips to shopping for and owning granite:
*Seams may be visible in some installations depending on a number of factors such as type and size of application. Much of this visibility though will be dependent on the granularity, color and pattern of the stone. These are all factors that you can control (and reduce seam visibility) by making smart shopping decisions. Look for granite with small uniform grain as opposed to large varied grain. Dark seems always show much less than light seems, so try to buy dark granite for large applications. Uniform patters blend seams better than dramatic patterns. Keep these factors in mind when matching multiple pieces of granite to large applications.
*Seal your granite prior to installation. This will make the process of cleaning up any grout much easier after any installation.
*Re-seal your granite every 3 to 5 years depending on use and climate.
*Any staining of un-sealed granite can usually be removed using a poultice.
*Since granite is primarily imported today, a resourceful shopper can find granite slabs for very competitive and even discounted pricing.
With all these significant upsides, you can see how granite is the single most popular choice for kitchen countertops today. Granite offers rich colors and unique patterns that accent these rooms beautifully. In addition, the durability demands that counters require (whether it be the bathroom or kitchen) make granite a perfect choice due to its overall durability and strength. Lastly the low maintenance demands of granite makes usually seals the deal for most homeowners looking for a stone option. Don't get excited just yet! When shopping for a granite solution for your floor or countertop, you must carefully consider many factors to ensure that granite is the right choice for you.
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